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Your brakes directly impact your safety behind the wheel, making them one of the essential components of your Honda. If your brakes aren't working as they should, don't hesitate to take your vehicle to Apple Honda of Hanover for a brake service. Located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, our state-of-the-art service center provides a wide array of top-notch brake services to help you keep your brakes in tip-top condition. Whether you need a brake inspection or brake rotor repair, you can count on us to do a fantastic job on your pride and joy.

Why You Should Have Your Brakes Serviced Regularly

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Over time, the brakes of your Honda will wear down with repeated use. This can cause them to become less effective in stopping your vehicle, increasing your chances of getting into an accident. Besides helping you stay safe on the road, well-conditioned brakes provide many other great benefits. Let's find out why you should have your brakes inspected and serviced regularly:

Safer Driving Experience

Driving with worn or faulty brakes can be dangerous. It increases your vehicle's braking distance, making it more difficult to stop in time to avoid a collision. It can also undermine your ability to control your car around corners or on winding roads. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that your brakes are always in good condition by keeping up with your routine maintenance schedule.

Quieter Ride

If your Honda has brake pad wear indicators, you may hear a high-pitched squealing noise when your brakes become worn. This annoying sound can set your teeth on edge. If your brake pads are gone, they can cause friction between the metal components of your braking system, resulting in an equally irritating low-pitched growling sound. Other brake problems may lead to a rattling or clunking noise when you step on the brake pedal. So, regularly servicing your brakes contributes to a serene and pleasant driving experience.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Bad brakes can cause your fuel economy to plummet. If you have sticky brake pads or a stuck caliper, your vehicle will experience resistance while moving forward. As a result of brake drag, your engine must constantly fight with your brakes and consumes more fuel. To save money at the gas station, check your brakes regularly to avoid sticking issues. 

Better Vehicle Health

If you fail to replace your brake pads regularly, they may wear down to the point where they have little to no friction material left. Their metal backing plates will scrape against the brake rotors when this happens, resulting in ruinous wear and costly damage. Furthermore, bad brakes can also damage the suspension, tires, and other components. Proper brake maintenance at regular intervals can increase your brake components' life span and improve your vehicle's overall health.

How Often Should You Get a Brake Service?

Generally, you should have your Honda brakes checked every six months and serviced every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. However, the ideal brake maintenance interval may vary from one model to another, so it's best to follow the recommendation in your owner's manual. Many car owners get a brake check every time they go in for a tire rotation. 

How To Tell If Your Brakes Need To Be Serviced?

Sometimes, your brakes may become worn or damaged before they're due for service. If you're unaware of the problem and continue to drive your vehicle, you'll put yourself and your passengers at risk. Fortunately, it's easy to identify bad brakes. Below are some telltale signs indicating that it may be time to service or repair your brakes:

  • Unusual sounds: A squealing or squeaking noise suggests that your brakes are worn down, while a grinding sound can mean that your brake pads are almost entirely gone. Ignoring these sounds can cause further damage to your braking system and even pose a threat to your safety. 

  • Vibration or wobbling: If your vehicle vibrates abnormally, it may be a sign of warped brake rotors. Warped rotors can make your brake pads wear unevenly, creating a shaky feeling when you apply the brakes. 

  • Burning smell: Frequent hard braking can cause your brakes to overheat and release a burning smell, and seeing smoke from one of your wheels probably means a stuck brake caliper. You should pull over as soon as possible in both cases and call for help. 

  • Soft brake pedal: A soft or spongy brake pedal may indicate that your brake fluid is leaking or air has entered the brake master cylinder. If your brake pedal sinks to the floor, it's unsafe to continue driving. 

Why Choose Apple Honda of Hanover for Routine Brake Maintenance

Pay a visit to Apple Honda of Hanover if you won't settle for anything less than the best Honda brake services. Serving Hanover, New Oxford, Gettysburg, Spring Grove, and York, our Honda-certified service center offers the full range of brake services to help your vehicle deliver maximum stopping power and a confident driving experience. Some of our services include brake inspections, brake fluid refills, and changes, brake pads, and rotor replacements, and brake caliper repair. 

When you come to Apple Honda of Hanover for a brake service, you can rest assured that your prized Honda is safe. Our factory-trained technicians specialize in servicing and repairing Honda vehicles, so they know exactly what your car needs to achieve optimal braking performance. If you need to replace specific braking system components, we can provide you with original equipment manufacturer Honda parts that match your vehicle. Before you head to our dealership, check our service coupons to see if you can get a discount on the brake service you need. 

Make Apple Honda of Hanover your one-stop shop for Honda brake maintenance, inspection, and repair. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.

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